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Welcome to the Chief Dodge sandpainting collection. Our sandpaintings are created by highly talented Navajo artists. The picture frames are solid oak. Be sure to visit our page "Creating A Sandpainting" for more information on this beautiful art form so rich in meaning. Please note: the sandpaintings on this page are not shown to scale.

COLORED ROCKS from the far corners of Arizona and New Mexico, ground by hand into fine sand. Mother Earth's palette sifted into the fine lines and intricate detail of a Navajo sandpainting.

WITH THE PATIENCE of the very rocks themselves and using skills passed down through countless generations, the Navajo sandpainter slowly re-creates images and patterns chosen from a rich ceremonial history.

MOTHER EARTH with the four sacred plants; Father Sky holding the moon and stars; Rainbow Yeis; Whirling Logs; the Four Directions--sandpainting symbols are as old as memory. Enjoy the legend of Star Boy or choose a sandpainting of the tricky coyote stealing fire.

OR PERHAPS YOU WOULD PREFER the more contemporary look of a pictorial sandpainting. Towering buttes and flat-topped mesas under a turquoise Arizona sky; a wedding vase draped with traditional jewelry; a traditional Navajo hogan dusted with the first snow of the winter--pictorial sandpaintings truly showcase the artist's creative talents.

SERENE SYMBOLS OF HEALING AND PEACE, these intricate works of art enrich any space they occupy, and in this busy world, remind us to slow our pace and walk in beauty.

Eagle by Robert Tsosie
6" x 6"

Yei Healer by M. Yazzie
8" x 8"

Yeis (healing spirits)
and Sun by GM
10" x 10"

Healing Bear and Pottery
with Water Serpent by E. Tyler
8 3/4" x 8 3/4"

Hogan Pictorial by Glen Nez
7" x 7"

Sun Shield by Lester Johnson
8 3/4" x 8 3/4"

Hopi Pictorial by HR Begay
Long Hair Maiden, Basket, Potery, Petroglyphs
19 1/2" x 19 1/2"

End Of The Trail by E. Tyler
18" x 18"

Sun Shield with Rainbow Yei by Guy Yazzie
16" x 16"

Coyote Stealing Fire by G. Yazzie
(Navajo Creation story)

Home Protection and Balance
by Gracie Dick 16" x 16"

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