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A CORN MEAL OFFERING to the Clay Lady. A small pouch of satin smooth polishing rocks. An outdoor fire blazing in the still morning air. Hands made strong from years of kneading and preparing clay.

COIL CONSTRUCTION PATIENTLY BUILT--one upon the next, then shaped and smoothed.Yucca fiber shredded fine to use as a brush. Dried and powdered pigments made from beeweed and tansy mustard plant. Ancient symbols or modern interpretations applied to unfired clay with great skill.

THE FIRE FLARES and the pots are born, each a unique gift from Mother Earth, the Clay Lady, and the potter. Handmade pottery is a beautiful work of art, shaped and decorated by a generation of artists whose craft is a legacy from previous generations of women who worked the clay.

BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT, a pleasure to display, richly decorated with symbols of prosperity and protection, in a wide variety of graceful shapes, handmade Native American pottery makes a quietly elegant statement wherever it resides.

We are proud to offer a wide array of handmade pottery from the Pueblos of the Southwest. Each piece is handcoiled, handpainted with natural pigments, and fired outdoors on an open fire. We've shown several views of each piece of pottery so that you can enjoy seeing the pattern from all sides. Be sure to visit our page "How Pottery Is Made" for more information about this ancient art form. Please note: the pottery on this page is not shown to scale.

Jemez Wedding Vase by Roberta Shendo (signed)
Corn and Rain Life Patterns
Size: 9"tall x 5" wide x 5" deep

Acoma Bowl by Louise Amos (signed)
Deer pattern encircles the bowl
Size: 5" tall x 6" diameter

Acoma Vase by M. Leno (signed)
Traditional Acoma Patterns
Size: 6"tall x 6" circumference

Hopi Vase by K. Collateta (1st Mesa-signed)
This is a very old style and design with weather patterns
Size: 7 3/4"tall x 6" circumference at top edge

Jemez Vase by Francis Toya (signed)
Traditional Jemez Patterns
Size: 8"tall x 6"circumference

Navajo pottery by Jackson Yazzie (signed)
Father Sky design with pierced top
Size: 4"tall x 5" circumference

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